Claimed Pastures Is a photographic series i'm currently working on, which seeks to document and explore the complex and diverse queer identities that exist outside of major metropolitan areas. Claimed pastures sets out to tell stories of LGBTQ people underrepresented in mainstream culture and arts, broaden our understanding of where Queer people exist & flourish, and explore how our cultural & natural worlds affect our identity work/expressions of Queerness. 

This project stems from a desire to look at the ways in which LGBTQ culture and identity play out in different areas and what barriers exist that prevent some folks from entering/living in the urban areas that we know as Queer hubs.

This project is not restricted to any population size (or lack there of). Rather, it defines rural as any space that holds stigma as being uncultured, uneducated, or unrecognized. It will focus on areas that may lack visibility, resources, or recognition as a space for Queer people to inhabit. And it will highlight how these spaces uniquely affect people's identity work, how they express their queerness, and how they interact with, deviant from, or rely on their communities. 

This project will also seek to take an intersectional approach & will reach out to a large range of individuals who may also face challenges based on race, class, ability, etc. 

If you would like to be a part of this project or help support it, please feel free to email us at or visit our indiegogo page. You can also follow the progress through Instagram, Tumblr, or by finding me on Facebook. 

This project is partly funded by a generous grant from Artist Trust.