Claimed Pastures is an exploration of LGBTQ people and communities outside of urban areas. Much of the dialog around LGBTQ people and culture is centered around urban life, and any mention of rural or small town life is often one-dimensional or framed as less desirable for queer people.

Claimed pastures sets out to tell stories of LGBTQ people underrepresented in mainstream culture and arts, broaden our understanding of where Queer people exist & flourish, and explore how our cultural & natural worlds affect our identity work and expressions of Queerness — providing a nuanced view into the complexities of identity, gender, and place. It hopes to encourage empathy & dialog, and provide visibility to folks who are often overlooked, both because of their gender/identity and because of where they live.

If you would like to be a part of this project or help support it, please feel free to email us at or visit our indiegogo page. You can also follow the progress through Instagram, Tumblr, or by finding me on Facebook. 

This project is partly funded by a generous grant from Artist Trust.